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Raised criteria for the allocation of vocational education competence centre status

Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No.144 ,strong>“Procedure for the allocation and nullification of vocational education competence centre status” (19.03.2013) set criteria for vocational education institutions for the allocation of vocational education competence centre status.

In comparison with the previous regulations the set criteria is higher. As one of the criteria for competence centre status requires that the last two years of the study period the amount of students are withdrawn from the studies (for such reasons as insufficient academic achievement assessments, unjustified delays and wrong career choice) cannot exceed 8 % and for students who have acquired professional qualifications 60% of their professional qualification examinations rating should be not less than seven It foresees that there should be written opinion from employers with whom are the certain cooperation, as well as internship should be ensured to all students. Employers should also provide with implementing career management skills activities and individual consultations for further education and employment choice and other criteria.

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