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A large number of unemployed are looking for a job for over a year

Number of long-term unemployed (persons who are unemployed for at least 12 months) in 2017 was 32,1 thousand. Of the total number of long-term unemployed, 97,5% are aged 20 to 64, of whom 59,1% are men. In this age group 14,6% of all unemployed were looking for a job more than four years.

The highest unemployment rate in the last ten years was in 2011, when 55,9% of all unemployed were looking for a job for more than a year. Since then the unemployment rate has significantly reduced, in 2017 it consisted of 38% (aged 20 to 64).

The most common reason for job termination was the decrease of number of employees or liquidation of the company (43,8%), followed by personal or family matters, illness or incapacity (41,1%).

The highest number of unemployed (34,7%) and long-term unemployed (37,3%) in 2017 had general secondary education.

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Source: Central Statistics Bureau


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