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The sixth Career week has concluded

State Education Development Agency (SEDA) initiative – Career week has concluded. It took place in 47 cities and towns of Latvia. At least 114 thousand children and young people participated in more than 140 interactive and educational activities which took place in general and vocational education institutions.

The aim of the event was to promote career planning, further education and career choices among young people.

Pupils of general and vocational education schools were given presentations about career choice, skills required for profession, successes and failures by representatives of various professions popular in Latvia. Pupils of primary schools were visited by Career Bus, which gave a chance for children and young people to participate in various games and activities, during which they gained a general idea about which skills are necessary for many professions.

Career week takes place every year, during which young people have the opportunity to plan their future profession, meet representatives of different professions, visit companies and career counselling. For the first time Career week is one of the activities in project implemented by SEDA “Career guidance at general and vocational education institutions”, which is financed by ESF and state budget.

More about this topic here in Latvian.

Source: SEDA