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An informative e-brochure on the use of ECVET has been published

State Education Development Agency (SEDA) has published on their website an informative e-brochure “Why ECVET”?

ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) is a set of tools and principles that promote the mobility of learners and workers and lifelong learning.

Main element of ECVET is learning outcomes, an opportunity to accumulate, transfer and recognize them.

The e-brochure contains topics that explain the nature, principles, tools of ECVET and the use of them in international mobilities. The e-brochure also shows the role of learning outcomes in the context of vocational education reform, modular education programmes and work-based learning. It also characterizes other tools of European mobility and lifelong learning.

Informative material was prepared by ECVET national experts of Latvia.

ECVET e-brochure is available on SEDA webpage in Latvian.

Source: SEDA