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The annual skills competition “Chair 2012” (4.-9.06.2012) is concluded

The annual skills competition “Chair 2012” for the Latvian vocational education students in woodworking sector was held on 4-9 June in Riga (Latvia). This competition which was arranged by the National Centre for Education.

The event aims at promoting the development of students’ skills in various specialities of woodworking – the correct understanding of drawings and written information associated with them, and precise implementation of the drawings; the planning of optimal sequence of work operations; proper use of techniques and tools; the efficient planning of their time at work; the ability to solve problems when adapting to unusual circumstances; and the use of traditional hand tools, – as well as to popularise vocational education in woodworking sector.

This competition occurred in Riga Secondary School of Arts and Crafts, and in order to attract larger audience, the competition website was launched

This year in total 54 students from 17 Latvian vocational education establishments and two students from an Estonian vocational school Vana-Vigala Tehnika-ja Teeninduskool participated.

Vocational school students competed in seven nominations:

  1. Furniture carpenter;
  2. Carpenter
  3. Woodworking machine operator of computer programming (CNC);
  4. Carpenter of construction products;
  5. Woodworker;
  6. Carpenter’s assistant;
  7. Metal smith.

The winners in each nomination are listed here (in Latvian).

The general sponsor of the competition was Robert BOSCH Ltd.

The competition was arranged in the terms of the ESF project “The improvement of theoretical knowledge and practical competences for vocational subject teachers and for supervisors of practical training” (2010-2012) implemented by the National Centre for Education.

Source: VISC